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Screencast software options

I am looking at two screencast software options. One of them, Screenflow, is pretty nice, but about 100 dollars (there is a education discount, I think.) It gives decent editing options and is easy to use. The other is Jing, which has a free version and a 15 dollar a year paid. It is also very simple, limits files to five minutes (which, with seventh graders, may be a feature) but severely limits editing. You cannot, for example, edit the beginning or the ending of the video in Jing. For example, to use a Keynote as the base of my video, I need to start Jing, then start the Keynote by clicking the play button. But that play button is not accessible until Jing begins recording. In the video, the view sees the Mac desktop followed by the mouse clicking the “Play” button at which point Keynote begins the presentation. In Screenflow you can edit that sloppy beginning part out. In Jing, you are stuck with the less professional beginning of the video. There are some less than perfect work arounds. I will be posting some more thoughts as I work out some beginning plans.


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