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Still plugging away…

I have to figure out a better way to write my Keynotes. It is taking way too long. I am planning up to ten videos for a two week unit. The pythagorean theorem is more complicated in a presentation because of the temptation to have squares and other things flying in and out. It takes time…fun…but takes time.


Some preliminary plans for next year

I am tentatively thinking about setting up a series of modules organized around curriculum units. I want to set up core units that would be at a basic or low proficiency level and proficient and advanced units to give students a chance to work material of a more advanced nature.  I want to set up these units like a video game in that students will progress up the grading scale in the same way that gamers level up in a first-person shooter. As students master units, they move up the grading scale. I wanted proficient and advanced units to have a greater value without allowing students to game the system. I want a student who masters all core units to get a C in the class. But I don’t want a student to master only some of the C units along with a couple of more advanced units to get a higher grade. All students have to attempt (and master) the core units, but I still need proficient and advanced to be worth more. My solution is to give a large bonus or power up for mastering all the units in one designation (e.g. all the core units.) So even if a student does master some proficient or advanced they would have to get all the core units to have enough points to guarantee a C in the class.

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